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Picture this: a picturesque beach along the stunning coastline of New Hampshire. The sun casts a warm, golden glow over the sandy shores, while the rhythmic sound of crashing waves fills the air. Welcome to the perfect backdrop for your dream beach wedding, expertly captured by our wedding videography team.

As you step onto the beach, you’re greeted by the panoramic view of the expansive ocean stretching out before you, with its azure waters blending seamlessly with the horizon. The soft, powdery sand invites you to sink your toes in as you make your way towards the designated wedding area.

A beautifully adorned arbor stands at the center, draped with billowing white fabric and adorned with delicate seashells and starfish. Driftwood accents and natural coastal flora embrace the rustic charm of the setting.

Guest seating is arranged in a semi-circle facing the arbor, with simple white folding chairs adorned with airy organza ribbons fluttering in the ocean breeze. As loved ones take their seats, they are captivated by the breathtaking view that unfolds before them.

As the ceremony begins, soft, melodic music fills the air, creating an atmosphere of serenity and joy. The wedding party, dressed in beach-inspired attire, makes their way down a sandy aisle lined with delicate seashells and starfish. Against the backdrop of the expansive ocean, the couple exchanges vows, their deep connection enhanced by the natural beauty of the surroundings. The sun casts a radiant glow, adding magic to the moment.

After the heartfelt ceremony, guests gather for a joyful celebration on the beach. A beautifully decorated tent or canopy provides shade and serves as a central gathering point for dining and dancing. Tables adorned with coastal-inspired centerpieces featuring seashells, driftwood, and fresh blooms in ocean hues set the scene. Meanwhile, the sunset paints the sky with vibrant hues, creating a romantic ambiance as guests enjoy delicious seafood delicacies.

As the night deepens, the rhythmic sound of the waves and the star-filled sky create a magical backdrop for the couple’s first dance. Our videographers expertly capture stunning aerial views with drones, ensuring every moment is preserved for eternity.

A beach wedding in New Hampshire seamlessly blends the elements of nature and love, leaving lasting memories of a truly magical day.

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Or perhaps you dream of a beautiful rustic wedding set in Maine. Or perhaps you envision a luxury theme in Boston. Deciding on a wedding theme as an engaged couple is an exciting process that allows you to express your unique style and create a cohesive vision for your special day. Here are some steps to help you choose a wedding theme:

Discuss Your Vision for Wedding Videography

To kickstart your wedding planning journey, initiate an authentic and transparent dialogue with your partner. Engage in a heartfelt discussion where you both express your unique preferences, concepts, and overarching dreams for the big day. Delve into your desires regarding the ambiance, visual appeal, and sentiments you aim to elicit throughout the event.

When discussing your vision for cinematic wedding videography, it’s important to have an open and honest conversation with your partner. Here’s a deeper exploration of what to consider and communicate:

Individual Wedding Videography Preferences

Initiate a comprehensive conversation where both you and your partner openly communicate your distinct preferences, creative concepts, and anticipated outcomes for your upcoming wedding videography. Take the opportunity to delve into specific elements that hold significance to each of you, ranging from the ceremony and reception to decor, culinary delights, musical choices, and the overall guest experience. Don’t hesitate to explore any cherished traditions or cultural influences you wish to integrate into the festivities, ensuring that your wedding reflects the essence of your shared heritage and personal identities.


Paint a vivid picture of the atmosphere you envisage for your special day. Envision whether you desire an intimate and romantic ambiance, brimming with tender moments and heartfelt connections. Alternatively, perhaps you lean towards a lively and energetic atmosphere, pulsating with joyous laughter and exuberant celebrations. You might seek a relaxed and casual vibe, fostering a sense of ease and comfort among your guests. Wedding videography can provide all of these atmospheres.

Delve into the emotions you aspire to evoke, both within yourselves and among your loved ones. Do you envision tears of joy, heartwarming embraces, or infectious smiles that light up the room? Consider the spectrum of feelings you wish to elicit, from love and happiness to nostalgia and gratitude.

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Aesthetics: Discuss the visual elements that appeal to both of you. Talk about colors, textures, and styles that you find attractive and meaningful. Share examples of wedding decor or themes that catch your eye. Consider whether you prefer a specific wedding videography design style, such as bohemian, vintage, minimalist, rustic, glamorous, or a fusion of different elements.

Shared Experiences: Reflect on your shared experiences as a couple. Consider any significant moments, adventures, or memories that you’d like to incorporate into the wedding theme. It could be the place where you had your first date, a favorite travel destination, a shared hobby, or a special symbol that holds meaning for both of you.

Budget Considerations: Discuss your budget and how it may influence your choices. Be realistic about what you can afford and prioritize the aspects of the wedding that matter most to you. Talk about any cost-saving measures or DIY options you might be interested in exploring.

Compromise and Collaboration: Remember that this is a joint decision, so be open to compromise and collaboration. It’s important to find a balance between your individual preferences and create a vision that reflects both of your tastes and values. Be respectful of each other’s ideas and actively listen to one another.

Flexibility: While it’s essential to have a vision, also be open to flexibility and evolution. As you gather more information and ideas, your vision may evolve or change. Be willing to adapt and adjust along the way to create the best possible outcome.

Write it Down: Take notes during your discussion to capture the key points and elements of your vision. This will serve as a reference point as you move forward with planning and make decisions regarding vendors, decor, and other details.

To summarize, by having an open and honest conversation about your vision, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of each other’s desires and expectations for the wedding. This will lay a solid foundation for the decision-making process and ensure that your wedding reflects your collective dreams and aspirations as a couple.

Reflect on Your Personalities: Consider your personalities, interests, and shared experiences as a couple. Think about the things that define you as individuals and as a duo. As a result, this can help guide you towards a theme that feels authentic and represents who you are.

Gather Inspiration: Look for inspiration from various sources such as wedding magazines, websites, social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, and real weddings. Create a mood board or folder to collect images, colors, textures, and styles that resonate with you. Searching Google for “Wedding videographer near me” will give you a great starting place.

Consider the Season and Venue: Consider the season and location of your wedding. Outdoor venues, such as gardens or beaches, may inspire a different theme than a formal ballroom. Consider how the surroundings can complement or influence your theme choice.

Set Priorities: Determine what aspects of the wedding are most important to you as a couple. Whether it’s the ambiance, decor, cuisine, or guest experience, prioritize the elements that hold significance to both of you. This can help guide your theme selection.

Draw Inspiration from Your Story: Look to your own love story for inspiration. Think about significant moments, shared hobbies, or memorable trips that could be woven into the wedding theme. Incorporating personal touches can make the day even more meaningful.

Create a Theme Board: Compile your ideas, inspirations, and favorite images into a theme board. Visualizing all your ideas together can help you see how they harmonize and guide you towards a cohesive theme. Consequently, you will feel a lot more organized after creating a theme board!

Narrow Down Your Options: Review your theme board and identify common elements or recurring styles. Start eliminating themes that don’t resonate as strongly or feel like the best fit for your vision.

Seek Input from Trusted Sources: Share your ideas with close friends, family members, or a wedding planner who can provide valuable feedback. They can help you refine your choices and offer fresh perspectives.

Trust Your Instincts: To summarize, trust your instincts and choose a theme that genuinely speaks to you as a couple. Remember that your wedding is a celebration of your love and should reflect your unique story and style. Once you’ve decided on a wedding theme, let it guide your decision-making process for other aspects, such as decor, invitations, attire, and music. By carefully considering these steps, you’ll be on your way to creating a wedding that is a true reflection of your love and relationship.

Certainly, choosing a theme does not have to be a heavy task. Here are some ideas if you are stumped:

Rustic Elegance: A popular wedding theme that combines the charm of rustic elements with an elegant touch. Think barn venues, wooden accents, soft color palettes, and romantic floral arrangements.

Boho Chic: Bohemian-inspired weddings continue to trend, featuring natural and free-spirited elements. This theme often includes ethereal outdoor settings, floral crowns, flowing dresses, macramé décor, and vibrant colors. Think, Boho Rustic Chic wedding videography in Maine.

Minimalist Modern: A sleek and contemporary theme characterized by clean lines, simplicity, and a focus on minimalistic aesthetics. This style embraces neutral color palettes, modern typography, geometric shapes, and streamlined décor.

Garden Romance: Perfect for outdoor weddings, this theme highlights lush greenery, blooming florals, and a whimsical atmosphere. It often includes botanical-inspired invitations, floral arches, fairy lights, and romantic garden-inspired centerpieces.

Vintage Glam: Inspired by the past, this theme combines vintage elements with glamorous touches. It showcases antique décor, vintage-inspired attire, nostalgic details, such as lace, pearls, and ornate centerpieces.

Industrial Chic: A trendy theme that embraces the beauty of industrial venues, such as converted warehouses or urban lofts. It features exposed brick walls, metal accents, Edison bulbs, mixed textures, and an edgy, yet elegant, vibe.

Tropical Paradise: Ideal for destination weddings or beachside celebrations, this theme incorporates vibrant colors, lush tropical foliage, exotic flowers, and beach-inspired details like seashells and bamboo accents.

Whimsical Wonderland: A whimsical theme that adds a touch of magic and fantasy to your wedding. It includes playful elements, like fairy lights, dreamy drapery, enchanting details, and ethereal color palettes.

Art Deco Glamour: Inspired by the Roaring Twenties, this theme showcases opulence, geometric patterns, and a glamorous atmosphere. Think sparkling chandeliers, luxurious fabrics, bold colors, and Art Deco-inspired motifs. Perhaps with a Boston wedding documentary wedding video.

Cultural Fusion: Celebrating diverse backgrounds and traditions, this theme blends elements from different cultures to create a unique and meaningful wedding. It incorporates cultural attire, rituals, cuisine, and decorations that honor the heritage of the couple.